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This was really cool. I have been following development on the idle thumbs forums and was excited to try it out. I have fond memories of using these tracks for hours and really getting into a Zen state. The controls set up and the physics did a good job of bringing that back. So did the sound effects. The story element was a nice touch and was a neat way to move up through the difficulty. 

Good work on having a vision and following through! It's really neat!

Thanks for the nice comment! I'm considering remaking the game and putting more work into it. I really don't like the unpredictable physics and the terrible track system. Maybe after some other minor projects.

The physics didn't seem too unpredictable. The only part that seemed a bit unreliable was the turn after the hill. I just went really slow most of the time to prevent an accident. If you end up remaking it, let me know!